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Soundcloud Moves to Shut Down Account for Trademark Infringement

by Steve Anderson on Friday, 17 March, 2017

Here’s an interesting story involving a claim of trademark infringement on social media, via Techdirt.

Digital/music strategic Bas Grasmayer, who has written for Techdirt, opened his Soundcloud account way back in 2008 or 2009. Because it was the early days of the audio distribution platform, Grasmayer was lucky to snag an account that featured just his first name —, until recently, when Grasmeyer received notification from Soundcloud that the use of “Bas” in his account URL was infringing on a trademark (note: of rapper Bas, a/k/a Abbas Hamad). Soundcloud requested that Grasmeyer change his URL and display name to eliminate the mention of “Bas.” Yes, eliminate your name.

In addition, the notification from Soundcloud’s “Trust & Safety Team” informed Grasmeyer that he had 48 hours to make the change or risk account suspension “on the grounds of trademark infringement.”

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