Auditing Your Domain Name Portfolio: Do You Know Where Your Domains Are?

by Brian Conchuratt on Wednesday, 17 May, 2017

If your answer to the question “Do you know where your domains are?” is “No,” don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone.

Domain names are inexpensive and easy to register, so it can be nearly impossible to enforce a consistent domain name acquisition strategy across your organization, especially one that serves to strengthen your IP portfolio.

A multitude of problems surrounding domain management can arise for a number of reasons:

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Corsearch New gTLD Update: .CREDITUNION, .HEALTH, .BANK, .INSURANCE, and More

by Robert Kriner on Monday, 8 May, 2017

This week’s update features news about .CREDITUNION, .HEALTH, .BANK, .INSURANCE, and more.

Registry operator CUNA Performance Resources, LLC announced the launch schedule for its new restricted TLD, .CREDITUNION, as follows:

Sunrise Opens

Sunrise Closes

Sunrise Type

General Availability

(16:00 UTC)

(16:00 UTC)

Start Date Sunrise
(first-come, first-served)

(16:00 UTC)


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.com Domain Names Dominate UDRP Disputes

by T+B BLOG TEAM on Monday, 1 May, 2017

Doug Isenberg examined the effect of new gTLDs on the number of Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) results on the GigaLaw blog in his post entitled, “Dot-Com is Still King — of Domain Name Disputes.” Here are some of the highlights . . .

Although more than 1,200 new gTLDs have been launched, the majority of domain name disputes still involve .com domains. Year-to-date in 2017, .com domain names make up 69.78% of disputes, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). For the full year 2016, 66.82% of all gTLD disputes involved .com domain names.

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Corsearch New gTLD Update: .AFRICA, Additional IDN Languages, .CLUB, .VEGAS, and More

by Kate Reid on Friday, 7 April, 2017

This week’s update features news about .AFRICA, additional IDN languages, .CLUB, .VEGAS, .GLOBAL, and more.

Registry operator ZA Central Registry NPC trading as Registry.Africa announced the launch schedule for its new gTLD .AFRICA as follows:

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Corsearch New gTLD Update: .OBSERVER AND .REALTY

by Kate Reid on Friday, 3 March, 2017

This week’s update features news about .OBSERVER and .REALTY.

The launch schedules for the new semi-restricted TLDs .OBSERVER and .REALTY were announced by affiliated registry operators Top Level Spectrum, Inc. and Fegistry, LLC as follows, with the TLDs having near-identical requirements.

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