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Corsearch Acquires Yellow Brand Protection

by T+B BLOG TEAM on Wednesday, 14 November, 2018

After 70 years as an industry leader in brand establishment and protection for trademark and brand professionals, Corsearch reached yet another milestone this week with its acquisition of Yellow. Press Release

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Riding the 'Green Wave': 4 Ways Cannabis Companies Can Protect Their Brands

by Steve Anderson on Tuesday, 25 September, 2018

“Cannabis trademarks represent the new frontier in the legal brand clearance process.” 

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Branding News: From iHOP to IHOb

by T+B BLOG TEAM on Wednesday, 20 June, 2018

When US restaurant chain IHOP — the International House of Pancakes — recently started sending the message that its name was changing to "IHOb" it used a clever graphic that showed the "p" in its name flipping over to become a "b" to build up suspense about a new name.

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Adidas' Logo Tops Brand Visibility List

by T+B BLOG TEAM on Thursday, 7 June, 2018

The Adidas logo came out on top of marketing technology firm Brandwatch's "2018 Brand Visibility Report" — for its 6.6 million Instagram and Twitter post appearances between December 2017 and April 2018. According to the Brandwatch report, "that’s 154 new images every minute, or three new images every second.” Is that faster than the speed of light?

Nike appeared in second place with 5.1 million posts per month, while Google placed third with 3.9 million posts. McDonald's held the top spot last year. Top 10 newcomers include Starbucks and Disney.

Words didn't play a major role in this logo-tracking exercise; in fact, only 20% of the images were posted alongside written references. Of the logos that did appear with text mentions, Burberry had the highest percentage of positive text mentions, with SwarovskiTory BurchMoët & Chandon, and Nutella following.

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Ivanka Trump Granted 7 New Trademarks in China

by T+B BLOG TEAM on Thursday, 31 May, 2018

Seven new trademarks were granted by the Chinese government to US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka's fashion business. The trademarks cover a wide range of products, from books and housewares to textiles, snacks, and spices.

The new trademarks expand Ms. Trump’s growing trademark portfolio in China, which now totals 34. In June 2017, The New York Times reported that Ivanka had "17 registered trademarks and six that have won preliminary approval." At that same time, according to the Times, President Trump had"at least 89 trademarks registered" in China and "28 others that have won preliminary approval." Trademarks in China are registered three months after preliminary approval, barring any objections.

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