Loblaw’s Ziggy Brand Takes on Ziggy Wine in Trademark Opposition

Green Brands: Like the Song Says, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

Kentucky Fried Chicken Cries ‘Foul’ on “Finger Lakin’ Good”

Irish Butter’s Spread to Wisconsin Blocked by Trademark Infringement Suit

Beckham Family Brand Expands with Harper Beckham Trademark

Supermac’s Renews Efforts to Fight McDonald’s Trademarks in Europe

Apple Files Complaint Over Swatch’s “Tick Different”

Corsearch New gTLD Update: .AFRICA, Additional IDN Languages, .CLUB, .VEGAS, and More

Side Effect Warning: FDA’s “Change of Formulation” to POCA Algorithm May Cause Headaches, Tiredness, and Blurry Vision

Celebrity Couple Nickname Trademarks: How About Bughead or Bethead?

Dispute Over “Cannoli King” Trademark Forces Set Design Change for Broadway Musical

‘Are You Experienced’? Jimi Hendrix Estate in Trademark Dispute With Family Member, Again

Corsearch New gTLD Update: Chinese and Japanese IDN TLDs, .WHOSWHO, .ALSACE, and More

Coachella Sues Urban Outfitters for Trademark Infringement

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Quashes Marijuanaville Trademark

More Trump Trademarks . . . This Time in Mexico

Soundcloud Moves to Shut Down Account for Trademark Infringement

Is This Trademark Registration “On Fleek”?

New York’s “Landmarc” Restaurant Sues Forthcoming “Landmark” Restaurant

Play-Doh Files US Trademark Application for Its Scent

“Drunk TED Talks” Gets Cease-and-Desist from TED Talks

Japan Now Granting Trademarks for Colors

Corsearch New gTLD Update: .OBSERVER AND .REALTY

US President Trump Owns More Than 3,000 Domains

New York City Sues Over Central Park Restaurant Trademark

European Commission Wins Trademark Appeal in Turkey Over Use of Its Emblem

Lacoste Loses Crocodile Trademark in New Zealand Supreme Court Decision

California Moving Toward State Trademarks for Marijuana?

Corsearch New gTLD Update: .VUELOS, .GLOBAL, .CEO, .NYC, .IRISH, and more

Scottish Judge Dismisses Tartan Army Trademark Claim

The Latest Trump-Related IP Activity: From Trumpcare to Alternative Facts to Spicer’s Domains

It’s Fashion Week in New York, So What’s New in Fashion Trademarks?

Super Bowl LI Champs New England Patriots Also Win Some Trademarks

Gap Files Opposition Against The Gap Band Trademark

IKEA Trademark Case Dismissed in India

Let’s Celebrate Some 2017 Brand Anniversaries

Malkovich Stars in Cybersquatting-themed Super Bowl LI Commercial

Corsearch New gTLD Update: .ECO and .FUN

Trump Reveals, and Trademarks, 2020 Campaign Slogan

Two Very Different Organizations Fight Over “Bears Matter” Trademark in Canada

Corsearch New gTLD Update: .Hospital, .Storage, .Rio, .Organic, .Travel, and More

UK’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass” Retailer Sues Disney for Trademark Infringement

Trademarks for Mermaid-Tail Blankets Hit Some Rough Water

Harley Davidson Sues Urban Outfitters for Trademark Infringement, Again

Chinese Trademark Filing and Court Case Statistics Revealed

AirPod Case Sticker Resembling Dental Floss Brand Removed from Etsy

deadmau5 Petitions USPTO Over His Cat’s Name

Logos Resembling Highway Signs Continue to Spark Trademark Disputes

Run-DMC Files $50 Million Trademark Suit Against Online Retailers

One Last Common Word Trademark Dispute Story for 2016

2016 “Notorious Markets” Report Calls Out Taobao.com for Counterfeiting

Battery Manufacturers’ Battling Over Trade Dress & Packaging

Butterball Trademark Dispute & Does Chardonnay Really Go with Turkey?

Chinese Firms Fined for BMW Trademark Infringement

Nordic Region Embarking on Brand Identity Project

PayPal Files Opposition to Paytm Trademark in India

Fast Company’s Best and Worst Branding Picks of the Year

Corsearch New gTLD Update: .ART

UK Court Rules in Trademark Fight Over the Use of “Titanic”

Corsearch New gTLD Update

Number of US Trademark Litigation Suits Dropping in 2016

Multiple “Cancer Moonshots” Spur Trademark Dispute

US Trademarks in Cuba Show Significant Increase

Instagram Attempts to Block Trademark for Microsoft’s Actiongram

Emoji Domain Names Are the Next Big Thing

Amazon Taking Legal Action Against Counterfeit Merchants

French Lose Chinese Trademark for Calissons d’Aix

Chinese Toilet Manufacturer Using Trump’s Name Without Permission

Rubik’s Cube Loses EU Trademark Over 3-D Shape

Do You Really Know What’s in That Little Yellow Sweetener Packet?

New Jersey Winery Fighting New Jersey Turnpike Authority Over Logo Trademark

Fake Apps Abound in Advance of Holiday Shopping Season

Iconic Playbill Cover Used Unlawfully in Political Attack Ad

New gTLD Update: Everything You Need to Know About .BABY

Lucasfilm Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Lightsaber Training Academies

Burger Battle: Tasty Burger Files Opposition to Chipotle’s Tasty Made

New gTLD Update: New Japanese IDN TLDs and News on .MOI

Let's Look at Some Halloween-themed Brand Campaigns

US Presidential Candidate Misses Out on Key Domain Names

Does Uncovered “Magic Toolbar” Trademark Application Relate to Imminent Apple Reveal?

Apple & Google Top Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report

Forbes’ Annual List of Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities 2016 is Released

Rospatent Rejects Brioni Bid to Invalidate Bioni Trademark

City of Atlanta Wants Parody Website to Stop Using Its Trademarked Seal

McDonald’s Sued for Using Late Graffiti Artist’s Work

NBCUniversal v. NBCU Productions in Trademark Dispute

EU Counterfeit Intercepts Increased by 15% in 2015

Thomson Reuters Sells CompuMark, MarkMonitor, and Thomson IP Manager

Where Are All the Cocktail Trademarks?

Can a Brand Say “Product of Iceland”? UK Store: “No.” Iceland’s Government: “Not so fast.”

New gTLD Update: .MAKEUP

Corsearch Insights on Domain Investigations and Trademark Clearance

Whataburger and DC Comics in “Friendly” Trademark Talks

EU Court Rejects Trademark for “Ring-Ring” of the Phone

New gTLD Update: .CLUB, .VIP, and New Chinese IDN Donuts TLDs

UKIPO Upholds Swatch Trademark Opposition to iWatch

Corsearch Answers WHOIS the Owner of a Domain Name with Latest SaaS Product Release

New gTLD Update: .FILM, .BANK, .INSURANCE, .WHOSWHO, .FANS domains, and more

What We’re Reading This Week

Welsh Company Wins “Veggings” Trademark Dispute

Otto Motors Sues Uber Over Its New “Otto” Acquisition

Trade Groups Complain Alibaba’s Anti-Counterfeit Efforts Aren’t Working

US Appeals Court Gives Go-Ahead to Cross-Border Trademark Suit

NFL’s Oakland Raiders File Trademarks for Las Vegas Raiders

Fortune’s “On the Cusp List” Features Smaller Brands With Big Differentiators

Universal Faces $40 Million Trademark Lawsuit Over New “Chocolate Emporium”

Donald Duck Knockoff on US Presidential Campaign Trail

Specsavers “Should’ve” Trademark Approved by UKIPO

Designer Alexander Wang Awarded $90 Million in Trademark and Cybersquatting Case

Munich Applies to EUIPO for Oktoberfest Trademark

Just Desserts: The Short and Sweet of Trade Dress Litigation

US Department of Homeland Security Files Opposition to “Coast Guard” Beer

German Court Upholds Banks’ Trademark Red Color

New gTLD Update: .MOI, .BLOG, .SHOP, and More

Can’t Get Enough of These US Presidential Candidate Domain Squatters

Top Level Domains Total Exceeds 326 Million, While .WEB Auction Breaks Record

Jumping on the ‘Game of Thrones’ Brand-wagon

Heart Design Spurs Cosmetics Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

New Celebrity Music Video Addresses Unauthorized Use of Songs by Politicians

New gTLD Update: .LAW, .ABOGADO, .TICKETS., .MEN, and More

Even More US Presidential Candidate Cybersquatters: 'Hillary Potter' Cartoons

Help the New Las Vegas Hockey Team Find a Name It Can Trademark

New gTLD Update: Info on .GAMES, .SHOPPING, .STORAGE, and Chinese Domains

Alcoholic Beverage Brand Ranking Puts South Korea’s Jinro Soju in First Place

New York Fashion Week Trademark Fight Goes On As Event Nears

New gTLD Update: .SHOP Launch Schedule Released

The Brexit Brand: Let the Trademark Filings Begin!

A Whiff of a Trademark Issue Between Canadian Hockey Team and Snoop Dogg?

The UK Brand Post-Brexit

Say Goodbye to the Saab Car Brand: Products to Be Branded “NEVS”

KFC Being Sued for Using Spanish Version of “Finger-lickin’ Good”

Mobile App Industry Growth Emphasizes Need for Trademark Screening

2016 Brand Anniversaries Update: More Congratulations Are in Order!

New Corsearch Trademark Research Tool Highlighted in WIPR Interview

New gTLD Update: Release of 2-Character Domains

Using “Thank You” Results in Trademark Infringement Suit

Trademark Decision Bans M&M Candy Sales in Sweden

New gTLD Update: New info on .BANK and .INSURANCE, Plus News About .MOTORCYCLES and More

Reality Show Contestant Registers Rivals’ Domain Names

Trademark Litigation On the Rise in China

New “Brand World Value” Survey Ranks Goodwill Industries #1

Disney Characters Sighted at Opening Weekend of New Chinese Theme Park

What You Missed at INTA: .sucks Marketing Campaign

Trademark Fight Erupts as Tinder Sues 3nder for Infringement

Plans for ‘McKosher’ Scottish-Jewish Restaurant Lose to McDonald’s in Australia

World’s First Vanity gTLD Goes Live

Are You Pronouncing Brand Names Correctly?

The World’s Most Expensive Domain Names

Dweezil Zappa Banned from Using “Zappa Plays Zappa” Name

Applications Now Being Accepted For .Insurance Sunrise

Search Engine Efforts to Block Counterfeit Sales: How Much is Enough?

Vacation-Rental Websites Create Challenges for Hotel Brand Owners

Seeing Double? Chinese Sportswear Logo Nearly identical to Under Armour

SPOILER ALERT!  How the Trademark Applications Broke Upcoming Star Wars Plot Twists — Oops!

Using Local Translations for Infringement: The Absurd Case of Louis Vuitton Fried Chicken

New gTLD Update: News About .GAME and .VIP Launch Dates,  and More

When Democracy is Bad for Branding: The Strange Case of Boaty McBoatface

Use of Microchips to Fight Counterfeits Growing Across Brands

Indian Student Makes $700 in Domain Sale to Facebook Founder

Disney Tops “Authentic” Brands Ranking

Moonshiner and University in Fight Over "Kentucky" Trademark

New Report Accelerates EUIPO Article 28(8) Filing Research

Beyoncé Sues Feyoncé for Trademark Infringement

New gTLD Update

Court Clears Way for Navajo Tribe v. Urban Outfitters Trademark Suit to Move Forward

Attempt to Register Trademark for Illegal Drug Business Helps Lead to Arrest

Food Trademarks: It’s Bagels v. Eagles and a Donut Debacle

Trademark Registered for Super Mario Bros. Chime Sound

WIPO Reports Cybersquatting Claims Up 5%

Supermac’s Appealing OHIM Recent Decision & Withdraws Australian Trademark Application

U.S. National Park Service Continues Fight to Save Yosemite Trademarks

New Development in Ongoing Havana Club Rum Trademark Fight

A Woolly Trademark Case Arises in Ireland

Dueling Polo Player Logos: Polo Ralph Lauren Appeal Dismissed in Singapore

Fashion Trademark News: Cavalli, Gucci, Draper James, and NY Fashion Week

It’s Minogue v. Jenner in Fight Over ‘Kylie’ Trademark

Counterfeit Italian Olive Oil at Risk of Decriminalization

Ownership of Tesla.com Finally in the Hands of Elon Musk

Pernod Ricard Wins Trademark Renewal on Havana Club Rum

Hotel Group Sues HomeAway For Including References to Its Properties

“The Met” Logo Unhinges Critics in a Change of Identity

Yet More Cybersquatting in the U.S. Presidential Campaign

Restaurateurs in Trademark Dispute Over Use of ‘Kitchen’

Study Shows Chinese-Owned Banks Behind Payments for Counterfeit Luxury Goods

Burberry Files Trademark Infringement Suit Against J. C. Penney

El Chapo, A Criminal: Can He Register His Name and Profit From It?

IKEA Loses Its Trademark in Indonesia

Court Rules There’s No Confusion Regarding ‘Empire’ TV Show & California Company of Same Name

Honey Badger DOES Care … About Trademarks

ICANN Working on First gTLD Marketplace Health Index

Parody T-shirt Maker and Saint Laurent Reach Settlement

Trademark Symbol Usage in TV & Print News Media — Yea or Nay?

London’s Black Cabs Not Distinctive Enough for Trademark

Judge Rules Against Trademark for Shape of KitKat Bar

Louis Vuitton Files Suit Against Chinese Counterfeit Online Sellers

Yosemite National Park Sites Undergo Name Change in Trademark Dispute

NFL’s Rams Move to Los Angeles Spurs Flurry of Domain Name Activity

Brand Anniversaries Set for Celebration in 2016

Competitive Worldwide Sneaker Industry Sparks Numerous IP Issues

Stolichnaya Vodka Trademark Dispute Revived by Appeals Decision

Alibaba Gets US Warning to Step Up Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts

Apple Expands Beats Trademarks

Investigation into China’s Anti-Counterfeiting Industry Uncovers Systemic Fraud

“Trump Your Competition” Fighting Trademark Opposition

“Lucky Bastard” Brand Denied Trademark in Canada

European Parliament Approves Trademark Reforms

China Dominates Field of Domain Owners

More U.S. Presidential Candidate Cybersquatting …

Alcohol & Beverage Industry Trademark Activity in 2015

The Latest on Marijuana Trademarks in the U.S.

Twitter Registers Trademark for Subtweet

Cybersquatter Alert! Are You Protecting Your Domains?

‘Central Park’ Brand Trademarks Aren’t Benefiting Park Conservancy

Scientology Banned in Russia Due to U.S. Trademark Registration

Interior Designer Sues Airbnb Over Replicated Apartment Design

Isis Pharmaceuticals Considers Name Change in Light of Current Events

AstraZeneca Trademark Wins Injunction in U.S. Against Generic Nexium

Powerful Logo Becomes A Symbol for Peace Following Paris Terror Attacks

Another Color Trademark: Orange Is the New . . .

Chinese Government Cracks Down on Disney Trademark Infringements

Settlement Reached in ‘Overwatch’ Trademark Fight

The Latest Top-Earning Dead Celebrity Brands List

Pinterest Loses Trademark Case Against Pintrips

NFL Wins Fight Over Parody Marijuana Leaf Steelers’ Logo

Celebrities Band Together to Sue Retailer Over Unauthorized Use of Images

US Presidential Candidates Fall Victim to Cybersquatters

Court Ruling Focuses on Brand Owners’ Duty to Police Its Own Marks

Conducting Figurative Trademark Searches: A Notoriously Difficult Task 

Baby Names As Intellectual Property?

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