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by T+B BLOG TEAM on Wednesday, 7 December, 2016

This week’s update includes news about .LAW, .TRADING, .BROKER, .MOSCOW, .ALSACE, a postponement of Chinese IDNs, and more.

Donuts – Launch Schedule Postponed for Chinese IDN TLDs
Registry operator Donuts announced it has indefinitely postponed the launch of its four Chinese IDN TLDs listed below until further notice.

.游戏 (games) .xn--unup4y

.企业 (enterprises) .xn--vhquv

.娱乐 (entertainment) .xn--fjq720a

.商店 (shop/store) .xn--czrs0t

The Sunrise period has also been extended until December 31, 2016. Updated General Availability dates for these IDNs will follow soon.

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Number of US Trademark Litigation Suits Dropping in 2016

by T+B BLOG TEAM on Tuesday, 6 December, 2016

An estimated total of 3,529 trademark litigation suits will be filed in the United States in 2016, the lowest number since 2001, according to Lex Machina data reported by World Trademark Review.Trademark cases aren’t the only type of IP litigation experiencing a decline in the United States; patent and copyright cases are also experiencing dramatic decreases.

Year-to-date, just over 3,000 US trademark litigation cases have been filed, compared to 3,276 during the same period last year, and compared to 4,051 in 2014.

The two US courts with the most trademark cases — the Central District of California and the Southern District of New York — are experiencing 10-year lows, while, in contrast, the Southern District of Florida is expected to break its number of trademark cases to hit an estimated record high of 343.

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Multiple “Cancer Moonshots” Spur Trademark Dispute

by T+B BLOG TEAM on Friday, 2 December, 2016 defines “moon shot” as “a spacecraft mission to the moon” or “a hit or thrown ball with a very high trajectory.” In technology companies, like Google and Facebook, “moonshot” is often used to describe an innovative, ground-breaking project.

So maybe it won’t surprise you that there are several “cancer moon shots” underway and two of them are involved in a trademark dispute.

American readers may be familiar with the term “cancer moon shot” from President Obama’s 2016 State of the Union address when he announced the formation of a Cancer Moonshot Task Force to focus on eliminating the disease.

There’s also the University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center, which has used Cancer Moonshot as its tagline and its website that has been using a Cancer Moonshots logo since 2012. The renowned cancer center says its cancer-fighting program logo has grown to have “significant value.”

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US Trademarks in Cuba Show Significant Increase

by T+B BLOG TEAM on Wednesday, 30 November, 2016

Since the opening up of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, the Cuban Office of Industrial Property (OCPI) has seen a significant increase in the number of US companies registering trademarks in Cuba. In 2016, more than 1,000 trademark applications from US companies have been received — that’s two times the number received the previous year. Cuba now has more than 6,000 brands of U.S. companies in its registry, according to official records from the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

According to the Miami Herald, many big brands, including Hershey’s, Twitter, and Netflix filed trademark registrations in Cuba in 2015, along with several of General Motors’ and Chrysler vehicle brands. This year, they were followed by trademark registrations for Disney, Uber, Starbucks, Domino’s, Apple, Microsoft, and Bank of America followed suit. Among the other companies filing were Instagram, MTV, CBS, Univision, MGM Resorts International, and GoPro.

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Instagram Attempts to Block Trademark for Microsoft’s Actiongram

by T+B BLOG TEAM on Tuesday, 29 November, 2016

Can a company own the rights to the use of a suffix? Well, photo-sharing app Instagram is attempting to block Microsoft’s trademark registration for “Actiongram.”

Instagram filed a Notice of Opposition with the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, which claims Microsoft’s Actiongram trademark “is deceptively similar to the Instagram marks so as to cause confusion . . . “ and “will lead the public to conclude, incorrectly, that Applicant is or has been affiliated or connected withInstagram.”

Microsoft filed its Actiongram trademark in June 2015 in International Class 9 covering “Computer software for virtual reality visualization, manipulation, immersion and integration of audio, video, text, binary, still images, graphics and multimedia files; operating system software; computer software, namely, software for setting up, operating, configuring, and controlling wearable hardware and wearable computer peripherals.” Here’s how the Actiongram Beta website describes itself: “Actiongram enables new forms of storytelling. Move, resize, rotate, and record holograms in your home, creating videos you can share with friends.”

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